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How Do My Employee Stock Options Work?

We specialize in helping U.S. clients exercise their employee stock options of their employers’ Canadian-held companies. If you are a U.S. citizen employed by a Canadian company and wish to exercise your right to purchase shares through your employee stock option plan, we are glad to help you through the process and facilitate the transaction.

Here are a few key terms to be aware of in your employee stock option plan:

  • Exercise price- the specified price at which your plan says you can purchase the stock
  • Issue date- the date the option is given to you
  • Market price- the current price of the stock
  • Vesting date- the date you can exercise your options according to the terms of the plan
  • Exercise date- date you exercise your options
  • Expiration date- date by which you must exercise your options or they will expire.
Please contact us for further information regarding your Employee Stock Options.